Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The X Factor

The world is flooded in debt. IMF, ECB, Uncle Sam & Aunt Merkel are protecting the indebted countries and in hope that the measures or actions being taken by them would help those economy to get a boost. We are living in this real-time experiment of how to destroy what once was a good international financial system. Things can get worse because 'X' factor can always happen. Here is a list of possible values that 'X' can be equals to:

1. Greece may fail & defaults, and exits this common currency experiment

2. Italian bond yields doubles from and spikes to 15%

3. Big Banks tumble again

4. France losses its Triple-A rating

5. The EFSF structure fails

6. Germany says no and really means it this time

7. Common currency goes into the history books with rest of monetary policies

8. Global growth crushes down

9. China gets hammered accordingly and its real estate bubble, commodities bubble, social bubble pop all at once

10. US enters deep recession and QE3 doesn’t matter just like the last two didn’t

11. The Dow Jones Industrial Average heads toward 5,000

12. US social unrest manifests in serious violence

13. Global deflation ascends as all central banks are finally seen for what they are—useless at best, dangerous at worst—as all they do is screw up the market process

14. Finally the world’s leverage is reduced as debts deflate


Oops, I was too cruel. And hopefully very wrong, but if you have been paying attention I think you have to admit apparently few of the events have some possibility.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bailout - Worldwide Trend


In today's corporate world, bank robs you!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What an Idea, Sirji!

I regret that I didn't know programming during my school times, may be I could have helped lots of my friend to ease their job :P

Which one you guys would opt for if you have to do anything like this?


Friday, 21 October 2011

The first four words you find describes you!

first 4 words 

The first four words in the smiley you find describes you. You may do it in any direction i.e. vertically or horizontally. Find and then post results in comments!


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Chuckle A Day Keeps The Doctor Away - Updation

Daily Cartoons - I like this section the most. Thanks to Ted Goff who has provided me with an official link to his daily cartoons i.e. Mostly Business. You can see his cartoons which are updated daily on this blog with an option to check last five days archives.

I had earlier brought to you the cartoons of Mark Anderson. Those links are still maintained as "Cartoons from Andertoons."

I hope this section will be in your top list. After all, laughter is an excellent remedy for stress.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Discovered the Beauty of Nature in India

I recently had vacation at Dalhousie & Mcleodganj both located in Himachal Pradesh(India) part of beautiful hills of Dhauladar Range. It was a lovely trip with my wife and kiddo, away from ever running and hectic life. Soaked in the nature's beauty, I could not stop myself from keep on taking pictures of the mountain ranges to keep them as memory with myself and to share it my friends. I kept on wondering about the beauty of nature. Thoughts were there on my mind every moment about wonders created by man vis-a-vis god.

Man made architectural wonders may amaze us, but there is no comparison of that with the Natural Beauties. Natural beauties are far more amazing and full of delights. Anyone will be overwhelmed with the charm of art made by God. You will sink in this splendour.

The Greeks made temples and the monumental sculptures. It was an essential part of them, showing man’s achievements and great power. The Romans polished it to produce elegant architectures, then there was French gardens. With urbanisation came development of private homes. Now in the modern world architects broke these patterns, producing gigantic buildings that do not fit in the beautiful landscapes. The world of man and his buildings.

Man owes his existence to soil, air, rain, and a few sun rays.

Man construct the landscape around him to built environment for its pleasant appearance, full of pure emotions and sensations. He designs it either by blending the building with the natural environment like Lawns or by creating Parks and Gardens. In doing so, he makes the environment pleasant to live in, either naturally pretty or have a unique, man-made touch. But the idea remains common for creating all these i.e. to live close to the nature :) .

Hey friends come and share your lovely trips which you believe are really unforgettable.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Anna Hazare's Movement: India Against Corruption

When people exhaust their capacity for tolerance, then you should take it that it is a beginning of a revolution - Anna Hazare

Corruption is eating us away from inside out. The phenomenon of corruption has evoked robust emotional responses among the general public. There are large numbers of people up in arms against the cancerous spread of corruption. Corruption exists in both the public and public sectors of our society. However the corruption that involves the public sectors attracts greater attention for obvious reasons. The proper functioning of the state is essential for the welfare of its citizens. Citizens pay to the govt, and feel involved concerning the abuse of their trust and resources. Corruption here refers not only to bribery, but also to other forms of misconduct that go beyond financial fulfilment. A new milestone in the history of independent India, a new path paved by the anti - corruption campaigner Anna Hazare. He has shown the world what Gandhism means in today’s world. The power of Gandhiji’s non violence will never cease to exist in the ages to come. 

Anna Hazare is engaged in a peaceful, composed war against corruption. His urge to free India of the utmost evil, corruption, is appreciated by people from every part of the country and got historic public support. He awakened the nation. From North to South and East to West, educated or uneducated people came out on streets to back Anna against his fast unto death. Anna Hazare and his supporters are not influenced by any political party. It is just the Indian National Flag is waving high in the sky and in our minds.

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur feels that 'Anna Movement' is the most secular movement in the history of independent India.

Corruption in India has now become a major  issue. People of India have accepted corruption as part of life. The nation and the people who are engaged in so many things in India and in abroad are now understanding that it is the time to fight against Corruption. At the time when India is growing and reverse brain drain has initiated, citizen now are no more ignorant on these issues. Finally Anna is changing that so we live freely. 

The Jan Lokpal Bill have many loopholes like the Right to Information Act, which was passed due to the driving force again laid by Anna Hazare. According to the right to information act, the citizens of India have the right to get information on any matter concerning the country, but recently an incident occurred which clearly reflects the loopholes in it. A citizen of India lodged a complaint about the illegal wealth possessed by the former chief justice of India, K.G Balakrishnan. Even today complete information about the wealth of this most corrupted chief justice of India is not known to the public. Why? Is it beyond the Right to Information Act? Similar loopholes are likely to be there in the Lokpal bill also. It is sure that as time passes some illegal and illogical rule will come whereby the citizens cannot use this bill against the Prime Minister, Chief justice and so on thus restricting its use. The new committee formed to frame the bill must take in the interest of all sections of the population. It should be taken care that the bill will be unbiased and does not favour any person, be it the President or Prime Minister. 

It is so distressing that several activists and eminent citizens are actually disparaging Anna Hazare’s movement and feat, and contents of the bill drafted by the civil society, by citing it "unconstitutional" in nature or through frivolous criticism against Anna. Personalities from our movie world, Politicians, Businessmen, CEOs of companies are part of the movement now trying to share the limelight, though many are favouring it.

You can jail a revolutionary, but you cannot jail the revolution said Amitabh Bachchan.

The paradox of situation is that a corrupt person and a person fighting for the anti-corruption were locked in a same place. There are two ways to lead a life, one do nothing and suffer the consequences and another is to take the responsibility to change it.

Let us use the Jan Lokpal bill wisely, sealing its loopholes and see the final result. Let us hope for the best. We should stand united.

If Corruption is Virus... then ANNA is Anti-Virus.