Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The world is flooded in debt. IMF, ECB, Uncle Sam & Aunt Merkel are protecting the indebted countries and in hope that the measures or actions being taken by them would help those economy to get a boost. We are living in this real-time experiment of how to destroy what once was a good international financial system. Things can get worse because 'X' factor can always happen. Here is a list of possible values that 'X' can be equals to:

1. Greece may fail & defaults, and exits this common currency experiment

2. Italian bond yields doubles from and spikes to 15%

3. Big Banks tumble again

Monday, 7 November 2011


Article Source: click here

Miratech a company involved in study of eye-tracking, has conducted a new survey on how men and women look at the photo of a young women. Results conclude some sincere facts but which catches everyone's attention.

User experience consulting firm Miratech has used eye tracking technology to tell us what may seem obvious. But the in-depth results are a little more interesting than that blanket assessment of the study.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Daily Cartoons - I like this section the most. Thanks to Ted Goff who has provided me with an official link to his daily cartoons i.e. Mostly Business. You can see his cartoons which are updated daily on this blog with an option to check last five days archives.

I had earlier brought to you the cartoons of Mark Anderson. Those links are still maintained as "Cartoons from Andertoons."

I hope this section will be in your top list. After all, laughter is an excellent remedy for stress.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I recently had vacation at Dalhousie & Mcleodganj both located in Himachal Pradesh(India) part of beautiful hills of Dhauladar Range. It was a lovely trip with my wife and kiddo, away from ever running and hectic life. Soaked in the nature's beauty, I could not stop myself from keep on taking pictures of the mountain ranges to keep them as memory with myself and to share it my friends. I kept on wondering about the beauty of nature. Thoughts were there on my mind every moment about wonders created by man vis-a-vis god.